Canadian Ale?

So, I’m not sure about the provenance or style of this beer. Is it a California steam beer? Nope. Is it a blonde ale? Not really. I’m not sure what style it is, but I’m thinking it’ll still be tasty. I’ll just call it a Canadian Ale. Why? Well, because it’s being brewed in Canada, eh!

9 lbs 2-row pale malt
0.5 lb 15L crystal malt
0.5 lbs biscuit malt

1.33 oz Cluster hops @ 8.1% aa – 60 mins
0.33 oz Cluster hops @ 8.1% aa – 10 mins
0.33 oz Cluster hops @ 8.1% aa – 1 min

Mash @ 154F for 60 mins

Mangrove Jack’s Californian Lager Yeast M54

I forgot to add in one teaspoon of Irish moss at 10 minutes, because I was too busy watching Narcos. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll still turn out just fine.

OG = 1.044, for what it’s worth. I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

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I'm the head brewmaster at Shepody Brewery. I'm the one who chooses the recipes, orders supplies, does all the grunt work, and drinks most of the product.
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