What’s your favourite hop?

So, what’s your favourite hop? This question was posed the other day on the tastybrew.com forum, and it got me thinking.

I guess I’d have to sqay it depends on the style. For anything from the British Isles, be it stout or pale ales, I’d have to say East Kent Goldings. For German beers, it would definitely be Hallertauer. For Belgian ales, I like the spiciness of Saaz and the wonderful flavour and aroma of Styrian Goldings. For American ales, it would probably be Cascade or Centennial, as you can’t make an APA without an assetive hop like one of those. But while talking about Amertican ales, I really like Cluster for beers such as CACAs and CAPs.

Two strains that I’ve never tried, but would absolutely love to, are Glacier and Crystal.

Isn’t it great that we have so many different varieties to choose from?

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