Leffe Blonde

The Leffe monastery was founded in 1152, and the monks started brewing beer in 1240, so there’s a long history here of good beer. Leffe Blonde is probably our most favourite beer, yet we’ve never been even remotely successful at cloning it.

This beer is a beautiful gold colour, with a dense white head. It has a spicy aroma and a smooth, full-flavoured taste with a slight touch of honey at the end. While the malt and hops are nicely balanced, it’s the loads of fruity esters that I love, and that comes from the yeast. Most recipes for this beer call for Wyeast 1762, while a few call for Wyeast 1214 or others. We’re going to try 1762 first and if that’s not successful we’ll move on to others in subsequent trials.

Shepody Brewery will be attempting another clone of this fine beer very soon, so you’re likely to see us putting up a few different versions for the sake of comparison.

5 US gallons / 19 litres

11.75 lbs / 5.32 kg Pilsner malt
4 oz / 113 g biscuit malt
4 oz / 113 g aromatic malt
4 oz / 113 g Munich malt
2 oz / 57 g honey malt
8 oz / 227 g Belgian candi syrup

1.5 oz / 42 g Styrian Goldings @ 4.6% aa – 60 mins
0.5 oz / 14 g Styrian Goldings @ 4.6% aa – 10 mins

1 tsp Irish moss – 10 mins

Wyeast 1762 Belgian Abbey Ale II

Mash at 152F – 90 mins

OG = 1.065
FG = 1.016
ABV = 6.3%
IBU = 25
SRM = 5

About Mike

I’m the head brewmaster at Shepody Brewery. I’m the one who chooses the recipes, orders supplies, does all the grunt work, and drinks most of the product.

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