Ecchhh … that’s not a premium beer!

Last night, I drank a beer and was truly disappointed with it. Copperhead is marketed as a Bohemian-style pilsener by Steelback Brewery in Tiverton, Ontario. Their website describes it as follows: “Copperhead is a Bohemian style Pilsener brewed exclusively for those with exceptional tastes. Meticulously crafted and brewed in small batches from a rare 150 year old recipe Copperhead uses only select malted barley and the finest hops to produce the ultimate premium Pilsener.” It also hails it as a “Premium Canadian Beer”. God help us if this is the best that Canada has to offer the beer world. The beer pours with a nice copper colur and a decent head, but that disappears after a minute or so. The aroma is malty and sweet, almost a bit too sweet for the style. The taste is reminiscent of malt extract, and has way too much corn and caramel to it. Body was overly fizzy and watery. The hop bitterness was almost non-existent except for a slight metallic aftertaste. Some online reviews claim that they use hop oils and malt extract. I don’t doubt the hop oils part, but I’m not sure about the extract claim. All I could taste was corn and caramel. Yechh…

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