Yeast strain comparison chart

I came across this great yeast comparison chart the other day and just had to share it here. Bryan Peretto, of the “Knights of the Mashing Fork” put this together and posted it on their website. Some substitutions are exact matches, while others are similar strains that are comparable. The version I have may be outdated, so be sure to check out their site for the most up-to-date version. Since I use mainly Wyeast products, that’s all I have put on here.

Prod# Strain Brewery White Labs Substitute
1VSS Pacman Rogue  
WY1007 German Alt Zum Uerige 036
WY1010 American Wheat Zum Uerige via Widmer 320
WY1028 London Ale Bass 013
WY1056 American ale Sierra Nevada (Seibel 96) 001
WY1084 Irish ale Guinness 004
WY1098 British ale Whitbread – dry 017
WY1099 Whitbread ale Whitbread 006
WY1187 Ringwood ale Pripps Brewery, Sweden (aka 1742 Swedish porter) 005
WY1214 Belgian ale Chimay 500
WY1272 American ale II Anchor Liberty 051
WY1275 Thames Valley ale Henley of Thames (Brakspear Bitter) 023
WY1318 London ale III Youngs 002
WY1332 Northwest ale Mendocino? 041
WY1335 British ale II   025
WY1338 European ale Wisenschaftliche Station #338 (Munich) 011
WY1388 Belgian Strong ale Duvel (Moortgart) 570
WY1728 Scottish ale McEwans 028
WY1762 Abbey II Rochefort 540
WY1768 English Special Bitter   002
WY1882 Thames Valley II    
WY1968 London ESB Fullers 002
WY2000 Budvar Lager Budvar 802
WY2001 Urquell Lager Pilsner Urquell-H  
WY2002 Gambrinus Lager Pilen  
WY2007 St Louis lager Budweiser 840
WY2035 American lager August Schell  
WY2042 Danish lager Carlsberg 850
WY2112 California lager Anchor 810
WY2124 Bohemian lager Weihenstephan 34/70 830
WY2206 Bavarian lager Weihenstephan 206 820
WY2247 European lager   920
WY2272 North American lager Christian Schmidt (Philadelphia brewery) 840
WY2278 Czech Pils Pilsner Urquell-D 802
WY2308 Munich lager Wisenschaftliche Station #308 (Munich) 838
WY2565 Kölsch Köln (Paeffgen?) 029
WY3056 Bavarian wheat    
WY3068 Weihenstephan Wheat Weihenstephan 68 (S. delbrueckii single strain) 300
WY3184 Sweet Mead   720
WY3333 German wheat   380
WY3463 Forbidden Fruit wheat Rodenbach? 720
WY3522 Belgian Ardennes La Chouffe 550
WY3538 Leuven Corsendonk  
WY3632 Dry Mead    
WY3638 Weizen Weihenstephan 175 300
WY3655 Schelde De Koninck  
WY3724 Belgian Saison   565
WY3725 Biere de Garde Fantome  
WY3726 Farmhouse Ale Brasserie de Blaugies / DuPont 565
WY3763 Roeselare Rodenbach  
WY3766 Cider   775
WY3787 Trappist High Gravity Westmalle/Westvleteren 530
WY3822 Dutch Castle    
WY3864 Canadian/Belgian Unibroue  
WY3942 Belgian Wheat Essense, Belgium (De Dolle?) 400
WY3944 Belgian Witbier Hoegaarden/ Celis White 410

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  1. While I had updated this list heavily, I recently discovered that the original list (which, too, was being updated seperately) should be attributed to Kristen England (the original copy I had did not reveal any author). I have updated my site to reflect that information.

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