50-year-old Can of Beer Found

From the website of KNSD-TV in San Diego. I can’t imagine that any can of beer more than a few years old is any good, but I guess that’s what these bozos will have to find out on their own. My father has a beer bottle of Labatt’s Blue from something like 1982, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Regiment or some such bunch of warriors. It’s got a whole bunch of sediment on the bottom and does not look at all appetizing. But these cans have been sitting outside in the heat of the desert of 50 years. Yuck!!

SAN DIEGO, CA — Hikers saw this old can sticking out of the desert sand.
“We were curious, dug down a little deeper and couldn’t believe what we found.”
More cans. I mean lots more. Tin cans of Coors Beer, a half-century old and never opened. A mystery!
They looked up, and there, a few hundred feet above them were railroad tracks.
Ah, now this was all beginning to make some sense.
Twisting through the mountains near Jacumba are the tracks of what’s now called the Carrizo Gorge Railway, but fifty years ago, it was the San Diego and Arizona Eastern, when two cars derailed and went over the side.
On one of them, was a truck of Coors Beer. Well the wreckage remains even today, but all the beer was collected.

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  1. Jeff Barnes says:

    Yuck is right! The beer in these cans is absolute disgusting… it was sure a sight to see how dark a ‘light’ beer could be after sitting in the desert for 50+ years!!

    Jeff Barnes

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