Belgian Yeasts

White Labs and Wyeast don’t usually list the sources of their yeasts. That’s because the brewery’s yeast can change over time, and the strains that these two companies carry tend to stay stable. So if you’re looking for the Chimay yeast strain, you may be somewhat disappointed when Wyeast 1214 turns out to be close to, but not exactly like, the strain that you culture from a bottle of Chimay.

But because it means so much to homebrewers, the two companies have provided the following as the original sources of their yeasts.

  • Wyeast 1214: Chimay
  • Wyeast 1762: Rochefort
  • Wyeast 3522: Achouffe
  • Wyeast 3787: Westmalle
  • Wyeast 3864: Unibroue (discontinued)
  • Wyeast 1388: Duvel
  • Wyeast 3538:Corsendonk-Bocq
  • White Labs WLP500: Chimay
  • White Labs WLP510: Orval
  • White Labs WLP530: Westmalle
  • White Labs WLP540: Rochefort
  • White Labs WLP550: Achouffe
  • White Labs WLP570: Duvel

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