Stuck Stout

The oatmeal stout which we made last weekend, seems to be stuck. The OG was 1.052. It was a long brew session (after midnight by the time I finished), and I forgot to aerate the wort between using the chiller and pitching the yeast. The yeast took off right away, as 8 hours after pitching the airlock was bubbling pretty good. After about 3 days the activity stopped. I checked the SG the other night and it was at 1.022. I mashed at 152°F, and after an hour it was at 150°F. I haven’t calibrated the thermometer lately, but I guess it’s something I should do. Now that I think of it, I did stick it into the boiling wort and it was reading 211-212F, but I didn’t put it in an ice water bath.

The krausen has fallen and there is zero activity in the airlock. It had fermented around 57-67°F. I roused it up, but no luck, the airlock is still dead. It is way too sweet to consider drinking. I’m going to try pitching more yeast along with some yeast energizer and nutrient and see what happens. I used an 11g package of yeast, and it was fresh, plus I rehydrated peoperly. If the wort wasn’t aerated properly (like I forgot to do), would the yeast poop out like this after consuming half the sugar? Or would they just not get off to a good start at all? Oh well, we’ll see what happens …

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