We’re in big trouble!!

Shepody Brewery is fighting for it’s very survival. We now have serious competition. Half Pints Brewing Company opened up recently in Winnipeg. Unless we dust off our business plan and make some major changes they could put us into bankruptcy. They have numerous advantages over us. Advantage #1: They have an actual brewery, at 334 Keewatin Street here in Winnipeg. Advantage #2: They have a trained brewmaster on staff. We don’t really know what we’re doing, and we’re usually flying by the seat of our pants. Advantage #3: They actually have products in the marketplace. We don’t. Advantage #4: Their beer is damn fine and tasty. Ours are hit and miss. The brewer, Dave Rudge, is actually a member of the Winnipeg Brew Bombers.

Right now, I’m drinking a glass of Little Scrapper IPA. Here’s a picture of it:

This is the beer’s description, from the bottle label:

To admit that the brewer at Half Pints is a bit of a hophead is an understatement. This India Pale Ale is unabashedly hoppy, not only from the Amarillo hops we add to the brew kettle, but also from the northwest U.S. variety called Cascade that we add directly to the final tank (a process called “dry hopping”). A firm, toasted malt presence forms the background for all these hops, and we’re confident that our Little Scrapper IPA could take other so-called IPA’s to the mat if called upon to do so. Try it with a curry or a basket of beer battered fish and chips. Serve in a glass at 8°C. Bottle may contain sediment.

I’m not great at beer reviews, but I will say this is an excellent beer. It is not a well-balanced beer, because IPA’s aren’t supposed to be like that. It packs a whallop of a hop punch, and the malt is a distant second to the hops, just as it should be. It has a nice creamy head and a nice mouthfeel. It’s obviously an American IPA, as you can tell by the Amamrillo and Cascade hops. I’m used to British IPA’s, as that’s what I’ve brewed myself and have usually consumed. But this one has me hooked on American IPA’s. It’ll be interesting to see what their other two offerings are like: Stir Stick Stout and Bulldog Amber Ale. Stay tuned for reviews of these beers as well.

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I'm the head brewmaster at Shepody Brewery. I'm the one who chooses the recipes, orders supplies, does all the grunt work, and drinks most of the product.
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