Goodbye to KegWorld

A Winnipeg institution is gone. It was old and grimy, and the owners were crabby and money-grubbing, but it got me started into the world of kegging. Able Wholesale on Higgins Avenue burned down a couple of days ago, in a stubborn fire that took a few days to totally extinguish. It was a used restaurant equipment supplier, located in a 100 year old warehouse. The whole place was a firetrap. I’m surprised it took this long to burn down. The owners claim the fire was accidental, perhaps set by some old rubbies that used to camp out in back of the store, between the rear of the building and the CPR tracks. Whether it was accidental or “Jewish lightning”, the place is gone now.

This is where I bought my four cornie kegs and a lot of regulator parts. You could go and rummage through all the crap they had in the basement, bring it home, clean it up and voila- instant kegging on a budget. The prices were never set, and you could get wildly different prices depending on who you spoke to. The old father once sold me a cornie keg for $20 cash, all taxes in. The son insisted a month or so later that the cost was $40 per keg, plus taxes, which I’m sure went right into his pocket. I must admit thought that I probably cleaned the place out of any good equipment. The rest of the stuff they had there was crap, whether it was regulators or cornie kegs. Good thing I got to the good stuff before the flames took them away.

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I'm the head brewmaster at Shepody Brewery. I'm the one who chooses the recipes, orders supplies, does all the grunt work, and drinks most of the product.
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