Pacman strain to be released by Wyeast

Wyeast Laboratories, Inc. announces its new VSS (Very Special Strains) program for Homebrew Retailers. Special, new and rare strains of yeast will be made available to homebrewers.

Odell, Oregon — June 21, 2006 — Wyeast Laboratories has begun a new program for the promotion of its ACTIVATORTM Pure Pitchable Yeast packages sold by online suppliers and in homebrew retail shops around the world. The “VSS” program will feature Very Special Strains of beer, wine and distiller’s yeast, otherwise unavailable to homebrewers.

The VSS promotions will run quarterly. The inaugural selection of yeast strains currently being featured, are being made available June 1 through August 31. On this listing are three strains that were previously discontinued from Wyeast’s regular lineup of strains: Wyeast 3763 Roeselare, Wyeast 3725 Biere de Garde, and Wyeast 4366 Distillers M-Strain. The second VSS promotion has a big surprise in its product mix: Wyeast Laboratories Marketing and Sales Manager Jon Graber reports that Rogue Ales has agreed to release its coveted “PacMan” Ale Yeast to homebrewers.

“We’re very appreciative of the generosity of spirit displayed by John Maier at Rogue Ales for allowing the release of PacMan to homebrewers” says Graber. “We hope to have more proprietary strains on future VSS promotions, but this is the one most requested by our homebrewing customers over the past 15 years, so we’re very excited that it is the first to be released in this way.” This second promotion will run four months from September 1 until December 31. Additional strains will include Wyeast 3864 Canadian/Belgian ale yeast and one more, as yet undetermined.

Marketing for the VSS program will consist of 8½ by 5½ inch postcards listing the strains available and their fermentation profiles; plus other information useful to home brewers. Additional marketing support will come from Wyeast’s new website, due to go on-line by midsummer. Strains to be included on each quarterly promotion will be announced one month in advance, to keep up suspense and build anticipation, and also to keep options open to Wyeast when new strains are obtained.

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