Shark’s Tooth Pacific Pale Ale

Last night I made a “real” beer for the first time in about two months. By real, I mean an all grain full boil beer, made from scratch. All the other ones I’ve made recently have been all wort kits, either Festabrew or Paddock Wood.

Anyhow, this one was an APA, called Shark’s Tooth Pacific Pale Ale. It was posted on TastyBrew by a fellow named Bob Girolamo. Apparently, he used to have a microbrewery back in the late 90’s, down in Southern California, and this was one of their original recipes. I’ve heard lots of people talk about it, saying how good it was, so I thought I’d give it a try. I hit about 70% efficiency, which is not bad, but a bit below my normal of about 75%. I pitched a bottle of Wyeast 1056 slurry that I had in the fridge. I didn’t use a starter to wake it back up, but hopefully it’ll be okay.

I decided to buy some insulation for the Bru-Heat bucket, as I wasn’t thrilled with the time it took to heat up the wort to boiling. The insulation is sort of like bubble wrap with aluminum foil on both sides. I can’t recall the brand name of it, but it’s available at most hardwrae stores around here. I think it helped, but I never measured the time, so I can’t say for sure. I cut it to size, making room for the drain spigot and the thermostat, and then held it on with 36″ long bungee cords. Not pretty, but hey, we’re in it for the beer.

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I'm the head brewmaster at Shepody Brewery. I'm the one who chooses the recipes, orders supplies, does all the grunt work, and drinks most of the product.
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