Ordinary Bitter

A very basic recipe for British bitter. I would be hard-pressed to make a recipe this simple without fiddling with it somehow (i.e. adding in biscuit malt, mixing two different types of crystal malt, etc.)

6.6 lbs 2-row malt
1.13 lbs crystal 40L
1.5 oz EKG (4.75% aa) – 60 mins
0.5 oz EKG (4.75% aa) – 5 mins
Safale S-04 yeast

OG = 1.040
SRM = 8.6
IBU = 38.9

About Mike

I’m the head brewmaster at Shepody Brewery. I’m the one who chooses the recipes, orders supplies, does all the grunt work, and drinks most of the product.

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