Koelsch update

The Koelsch is coming along nicely. I will take a gravity reading and post it here.

Here is what the AHA has to say about Koelsch:

Light hop aroma, German noble or Czech Saaz hops, giving a light fruitiness. Maltiness none to low. No diacetyl, as this is a lagered beer resulting in a clean finish with just a hint of fruitiness from primary fermentation at ale temperatures. Low sulfur aroma, similar to that of pale continental lagers, is acceptable, particularly in a young Koelsch.

Very pale to light gold. Very clear/brilliant. White head lingers as Belgian lace on the sides of the glass.

Soft, rounded palate; light hop fruitiness and a delicate dryness to slight sweetness in the finish. Clean fermentation with just a little residual fruitiness from ale fermentation temperatures. No diacetyl. Medium-low bitterness. Balanced toward bitterness but malt character should not be completely overshadowed.

Light side of medium body. Medium carbonation. Smooth, crisp mouthfeel.

Overall Impression
A delicately balanced beer with just a hint of flavor/aroma hops and fruitiness that finishes dry to slightly sweet with a crisply refreshing bitterness over a base of smooth, rounded Pils malt flavor.

As an appellation, the Koelsch name can only be used for beers brewed in Koeln (Cologne), Germany, where it is a native style.

Brewed at ale temperatures, then cold conditioned to reduce fermentation byproducts.

European hops only. Pils malt; small amounts of wheat may be used (<25%).

Vital Statistics:

OG: 1.040 – 1.048
FG: 1.008-1.013
IBUs: 16-30
% Alcohol/Vol: 4.0-5.0%
Colour SRM: 3.5-5
Suggested Commercial Examples:

Available in Koeln only: Malzmuehle, Hellers, PJFrueh, Paeffgen, Sion, Kueppers. In the US: Hollywood Blonde.

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