Blackberry porter, Belgian dubbel and a wheat beer

I racked my Belgian dubbel to the secondary tonight. It had a gravity of 1.016, which is a 77% attenuation. That probably had something to do with the low mash temperatures. It tastes pretty good though. I then put the Festabrew wheat kit onto the Safale T-58 yeast cake from the dubbel. It will be interesting to see how that turns out.


My neighbour Doug gave me a couple of bottles of beer last week. One was an amber ale that that was okay, but not outstanding. The other was the blackberry porter pictured above. I’m not usually a fan of either porters or fruit flavoured beers, but this one is nice. It has a roast barley flavour that blends well with the blackberry. I doubt if Shepody Brewing will ever make a clone of this one, but it is an interesting change from what I ordinarily drink. 

Neither one of these beers are currently available in Manitoba. Doug is a sales rep for a beer distributor in Calgary. He often gets these strange beers that are not yet in the Manitoba market, and most never will be. I guess his job is to try to get them listed with the Liquor Commission. Last summer he had a hefeweizen and a dark lager, both from Germany. Both were delicious but I never saw either one on the shelves of the MLCC.

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