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If you only buy one recipe book in your whole brewing career, it has to be this one. A lot of good things has been said about this collaboration between Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer, so I’m not going to repeat it all here. I will say though that they do provide a great looking clone for Leffe, one of my favourite beers.

Lefty Blonde Ale
OG: 1.065
FG: 1.012
IBU: 25
ABV: 7.0%
Mash: 150 F
11 lbs Pilsener malt
1.5 lbs cane sugar
0.5 lb aromatic malt
0.5 lb wheat malt
1.6 oz (45g) Hallertau (4% AA) – 60 mins

Wyeast 1214 Belgian Ale

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I'm the head brewmaster at Shepody Brewery. I'm the one who chooses the recipes, orders supplies, does all the grunt work, and drinks most of the product.
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