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Standard Bitter

This is from Zainasheff’s ‘Brewing Classic Styles’. OG=1.038 FG=1.011 IBU=32 Colour: 10 SRM Alcohol: 3.6% ABV Mash @ 152F/67C 8 lbs Maris Otter 0.5 lbs (227 g) Crystal 120L 0.25 lbs (113 g) Special Roast 1.2 oz (34 g) EKG … Continue reading

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Irish Red Ale

This is a modified version of Jamil’s Irish Red Ale ‘Ruabeoir’ from ‘Brewing Classic Styles’. It will likely be the next beer that Shepody makes. OG=1.054 FG=1.014 IBU=25 Colour=17 SRM Alcohol = 5.2% ABV Mash at 153F/67C 11.25 lbs (5.1 … Continue reading

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Nice Hop Use/Substitution Charts!

Leave it to the guys at BYO…

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Yeast Starters 101

I briefly considered making a video on yeast starters, but there’s no way I can make anything approaching this one. Enjoy. For future reference, it’s about 3/4 cup of DME per litre of water.

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Webcam from Oktoberfest in Munich

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2013 Hop Harvest

Cascade hops! 2013 is probably the best year of hop growing since the John Reeves days.

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For fuck’s sake…

The copper coil on my wort chiller may need replacing. Fuck…. Maybe this is a chance to do it right.

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2013 Cream Ale

Well, here we go… 5.1 lbs 6-row malt 3.1 lbs 2-row pale malt 2 lbs flaked rice 0.75 oz Cluster (60 min) 1.0 oz Cluster (5 min) 0.25 oz Cluster (0 min) 1/2 tsp Wyeast nutrient (15 min) 1 tab … Continue reading

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BJCP Cream Ale

Guess what’s in the mash tun tomorrow? 6A. Cream Ale Aroma: Faint malt notes. A sweet, corn-like aroma and low levels of DMS are commonly found. Hop aroma low to none. Any variety of hops may be used, but … Continue reading

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