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Rogue DGA clone = success!!

A few months ago I made a clone of Rogue’s Dead Guy Ale. I cobbled together a recipe from various sources. I took care to do everything right, and I guess it worked. When we were down in Grand Forks … Continue reading

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All Cascade Pale Ale

Remember last fall when I said I was going to make a single hop pale ale? Well, here’s the recipe. All Cascade Pale Ale (all-grain) 5.5-gallons OG = 1.050 FG = 1.013 SRM = 9.0 IBU = 40 Grains 6.25 lbs pale … Continue reading

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What’s your favourite hop?

So, what’s your favourite hop? This question was posed the other day on the forum, and it got me thinking. I guess I’d have to sqay it depends on the style. For anything from the British Isles, be it … Continue reading

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Elite Women Made Beer in Pre-Incan Culture

Elite Women Made Beer in Pre-Incan Culture By Robert Roy Britt An ancient brewery from a vanished empire was staffed by elite women who were selected for their beauty or nobility, a new study concludes. The finding adds to … Continue reading

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Beer for dogs?

Pet shop owner creates beer for dogs Associated Press Mon Jan 22, 5:16 PM ETAfter a long day hunting, there’s nothing like wrapping your paw around a cold bottle of beer. So Terrie Berenden, a pet shop owner in the … Continue reading

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What to brew next?

Well, I have my mild ale kegged and once my keg of bitter is empty, I’ll be kegging my Rogue Dead Guy Ale. so I really don’t have much coming down the pipe. I’d like to make another stout, and … Continue reading

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Yeast Washing

So the club mild ale is now kegged. I did it last night. Using the Beano method I actually got it to drop down to 1.012, which is about 70% attenuation. I probably could have kept it going for a … Continue reading

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Guinness Bread?

Whoaa…It’s been about two weeks since my last post. I wish I could say it was because I’ve been hung over all this time since New Year’s Eve, but I was just busy with other stuff. Diageo fortifies sales with Guinness … Continue reading

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