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Guinness goes red

  Courtesy of the Daily Mail  Guinness is going out of the black and into the red. But devotees of Ireland’s national tipple need not worry, the world-famous brewer is not going bust – it is about to produce a … Continue reading

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Belgian Yeasts

White Labs and Wyeast don’t usually list the sources of their yeasts. That’s because the brewery’s yeast can change over time, and the strains that these two companies carry tend to stay stable. So if you’re looking for the Chimay … Continue reading

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Beer by the Numbers

Courtesy of the Associated Press 1,409: The number of breweries – ranging from brewpubs to national brewers – operating in the United States. 306: The number of breweries in California last year, putting the state first in the country. Mississippi … Continue reading

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Rogue Pacman Ale Yeast

  Rogue Pacman Ale Yeastâ„¢ Available to Homebrewers for the First Time! John Maier, Brewmaster at Rogue Ales has generously agreed to release his proprietary Pacman Ale Yeastâ„¢ to the homebrewing public. “Pacman is really great yeast; everything about it … Continue reading

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Stuck Stout

The oatmeal stout which we made last weekend, seems to be stuck. The OG was 1.052. It was a long brew session (after midnight by the time I finished), and I forgot to aerate the wort between using the chiller … Continue reading

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Bastards at Wyeast discontinue 1026 Cask Ale

I just found out that the bastards at Wyeast discontinued their 1026 Cask Ale strain and 3864 Canadian/Belgian Style, which was the Unibroue strain. Sigh… Discontinued –> Substitution 2002 Gambrinus –> 2000 Budvar 2247 European Lager –> 2042 Danish 2272 … Continue reading

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What’s brewing this weekend?

Shepody is making an oatmeal stout. 7.5 lbs Maris Otter 1.0 lb flaked barley 0.75 lb rolled oats 10 oz roasted barley 6 oz crystal 90L 3 oz chocolate malt 2 oz EKG (60 mins) Lallemand Windsor dry yeast I … Continue reading

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Style Snobs

You know, sometimes “educated” beer drinkers can really get under my skin. Particularly ones who have taken the BJCP course and passed the test to become certified beer judges. Does every single beer need to be pigeon-holed into a nice … Continue reading

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Oh, the humanity!!!

Beer drinkers beware: 4 percent of U.S. hops crop burns YAKIMA, Washington (AP) — Federal investigators were set Tuesday to begin an investigation into a fire that ruined about 4 percent of America’s yield of hops, used as flavoring in … Continue reading

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