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Growing hops

I have three varieties of hops growing in the back yard of Shepody Brewery: Mt Hood, Willamette and Cascade. This is the third year for them. The Cascade, which always does the best, is about 8 inches high and very healthy looking. The … Continue reading

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Brewing Update

I have a Festabrew brown ale that I kegged last week. I used Wyeast 1099 (Whitbread), hoping it would turn out like Newcastle Brown Ale. I kegged it last weekend and just tried it now. I have to say that I … Continue reading

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Useful word of the day: Ølfrygt

Ølfrygt (ale-fright) How the Danish describe the nagging fear of being unable to find a beer while out of town.

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Freezing Yeast

I know this is pretty high-tech beer geeky stuff, but apparently some advanced homebrewers freeze yeast in glycerine in order to store the samples long term. This is also referred to as making yeast slants. I don’t have any test tubes … Continue reading

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Koelsch update

The Koelsch is coming along nicely. I will take a gravity reading and post it here. Here is what the AHA has to say about Koelsch: Aroma Light hop aroma, German noble or Czech Saaz hops, giving a light fruitiness. … Continue reading

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Koelsch German Ale

Last week we went to Moose Jaw, so I stopped in at a Winekitz store in Regina to pick up a couple of Paddock Wood Ready Brew kits. One was a Burton-upon-Trent pale ale, and the other was a koelsch … Continue reading

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