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The Mash Paddle

This is the first time I’ve ever written a post about equipment. And we’re going to talk about a very basic piece of equipment: the mash paddle. You can’t do all grain brewing without one. It’s essential to mixing in … Continue reading

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What was I thinking??

Last Saturday, when I was making my Belgian dubbel, I had the bright idea to use some of the low gravity wort (from the end of the runoff) to make a yeast starter. Sounds good in theory. I opened a … Continue reading

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Duinen clone update and our next beer

Sorry I’m a bit late updating this site. The last week has been rather hectic. Last Saturday, February 18th, I did indeed make the Duinen dubbel clone. Between boil-overs and cranky kids, it was an interesting (and late night) brew … Continue reading

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Duinen Dubbel – A Belgian Abbey ale

After much thoiught and consideration, the head of product development for Shepody Brewery has decided that we will be brewing neither the wheat beer nor the APA. It’s going to be a Belgian abbey ale, specifically a clone of Duinen … Continue reading

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Shark’s Tooth Pale Ale

The next beer that Shepody Brewery puts out will either be a Belgian style wheat beer or an American style pale ale. I’ve never made either one before, so both will be new styles. The wheat beer may just be … Continue reading

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Welcome to Shepody Brewery

Welcome to the new website of Shepody Brewery. Over the next little while we hope to add links to our favourite brewing sites, some commentary, pictures of our operation and of course some delicious recipes. Here is a Duinen Dubbel … Continue reading

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