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Good intro to sparging

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How many kegs of draft beer per CO2 cylinder?

This is interesting…

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Good homebrewing advice from Popular Mechanics…

I never knew that PM gave homebrewing advice. Basic info but still good and on point. 4 Home-Brewing Mistakes Most Beginners Make

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Ordinary bitter boiling away

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Yeast Starters 101

I briefly considered making a video on yeast starters, but there’s no way I can make anything approaching this one. Enjoy. For future reference, it’s about 3/4 cup of DME per litre of water.

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For fuck’s sake…

The copper coil on my wort chiller may need replacing. Fuck…. Maybe this is a chance to do it right.

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Heat Sticks

Zymurgy, a magazine which I rarely purchase (I prefer BYO) has an article in the January/February 2008 issue about how to construct a heat stick. So I bought it today. I considered making one of these about a year and … Continue reading

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Mash Paddle Fiasco

Well, it’s not really a fiasco. But sometime late last spring or early last summer, I broke the Mighty Mash Paddle. A word to the wise: do not use oak for mash paddles. It’s way too porous, and it absorbs … Continue reading

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Cheap Counterpressure Bottle Filler

One of the few downsides about kegging is that it’s rather difficult to take 19 litres of beer in a stainless steel tank over to a friend’s house to share with him. If you’ve got to take along the CO2 … Continue reading

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Goodbye to KegWorld

A Winnipeg institution is gone. It was old and grimy, and the owners were crabby and money-grubbing, but it got me started into the world of kegging. Able Wholesale on Higgins Avenue burned down a couple of days ago, in … Continue reading

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