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Canadian Ale?

So, I’m not sure about the provenance or style of this beer. Is it a California steam beer? Nope. Is it a blonde ale? Not really. I’m not sure what style it is, but I’m thinking it’ll still be tasty. … Continue reading

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Hmmm…. What to make next?

Beer will likely be made soon, either this weekend or the next one. I’m unsure what to make next. Might be time to start up a few beers for the upcoming lawnmower season. The Tetley’s recipe is always nice.

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Blonde Ale

This will most likely be made tomorrow… Blonde Ale BJCP Guidelines Aroma: Light to moderate sweet malty aroma. Low to moderate fruitiness is optional, but acceptable. May have a low to medium hop aroma, and can reflect almost any hop … Continue reading

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Ordinary bitter boiling away

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BJCP Cream Ale

Guess what’s in the mash tun tomorrow? 6A. Cream Ale Aroma: Faint malt notes. A sweet, corn-like aroma and low levels of DMS are commonly found. Hop aroma low to none. Any variety of hops may be used, but … Continue reading

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New Brewpub for Winnipeg!!

Portage Ave BrewWorks Aiming for December Opening in Winnipeg WINNIPEG, MB – After more than a decade of doing without one, Winnipeg beer drinkers will soon have a new brewpub to call their own. Portage Ave BrewWorks & Kitchen is … Continue reading

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12 hour mash

My Belgian pale ale just went through a 12 hour mash. I started it at 7:30 pm last night, but at 8:00 the power went out due to a wind storm. It stayed out until almost midnight. Shepody uses a 240V … Continue reading

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Some beers just suck!

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Some interesting finds at the MLCC

I went to the MLCC today to see what the had in stock. I came across these three interesting beers. Actually, there were many more, but these were the ones I purchased. Folklorama just ended last month, and apparently these … Continue reading

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